Neverfail IT Continuity Architect

    Neverfail IT Continuity Architect

    Neverfail IT Continuity Architect bridges the gap between IT infrastructure and business services so IT can trust their business continuity plans will always work. Architect automatically analyzes IT infrastructure, maps dependencies and tracks changes, showing you what is at risk and what you need to do to assure continuity without fail. By letting IT set recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO) by application, Architect allows companies to decrease the risk of outages, reduce the cost of disaster recovery infrastructure and maintain compliance with service level commitments. Downtime puts your reputation at risk; Architect helps you avoid it.

    The IT Continuity Architect Dashboard

    The Architect dashboard, a VMware vSphere Web Client plug-in, provides key information about the infrastructure, business services and whether or not IT can meet business continuity objectives.

    IT Continuity Architect Features

    Automated Infrastructure and Dependency Discovery
    Upon install, Architect automatically begins discovering IT infrastructure and the associated dependencies. Within minutes, Architect identifies IT infrastructure components and provides a map of dependencies between applications, hypervisors, servers and other inventory objects, giving IT insight in to the impact of potential changes. This saves administrators hours of manual effort they would otherwise need to spend identifying and cataloging the infrastructure, applications and the various dependencies.

    Business Services Mapping
    Architect lets administrators easily define business services and map those automatically to the underlying IT infrastructure. Architect aggregates IT infrastructure and applications into groups based on their interdependencies. Users can easily define business services and visualize the IT infrastructure supporting each service. With Architect, administrators can understand which IT components are the most important to the business, and how business services map to IT infrastructure.

    Define Business Continuity Targets
    With Architect IT managers can define business continuity and availability service level targets for each business service and immediately identify non-compliant components of the infrastructure. Architect provides four service level tiers that users can customize to define their own targets, then assign each business service to the appropriate tier. Architect automatically reports on any gaps or misconfigurations of protection infrastructure. This lets IT know in advance if there are any gaps in the organization’s protection strategy that put the business at risk.

    Risk Identification Heat Maps
    Architect’s visual heat map helps prioritize remediation efforts based on risk. From the analysis of established availability service level tiers and the number of key dependencies, Architect’s heat maps show which servers are the most critical to business continuity. The visual map lets IT intelligently prioritize remediation efforts for systems that are out of compliance. Intuitive representation of infrastructure identifies the most critical IT components so administrators know what gaps to fix first.

    Availability Monitoring and Reporting
    Architect provides ongoing and continuous monitoring, assurance and reporting of service level compliance. By automating the discovery of new or updated IT infrastructure, Architect dynamically ties changes to service level targets. IT can proactively manage and report on business continuity preparedness and compliance. Architect lets IT managers automatically assure that the organization can meet service level commitments and keep the business online.


    How IT Continuity Architect is Different from Existing Tools

    For IT Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Virtualization Administrators, Datacenter Architects and Disaster Recovery Managers, Neverfail IT Continuity Architect provides a way to understand how business services connect with the underlying IT infrastructure so that they can be assured business continuity plans will always work.  The IT Continuity Architect is designed to work across your entire server inventory regardless of the protection technology in use in the environment. Availability & backup solutions from VMware, Microsoft, Veeam, and of course Neverfail, are recognised automatically by the IT Continuity Architect.

    While every IT professional has access to inventory and discovery tools, it takes manual, time-consuming effort – spreadsheets, runbooks and detailed analysis to connect the IT infrastructure with business requirements. Architect bridges the gap by constantly monitoring IT availability targets, connecting changes to the underlying infrastructure to the risk they pose to the business. It provides the only automated solution for business continuity operations, delivering assurance that disaster recovery plans will work as intended.

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